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Harbin Electric Corporation (referred to as "HEC Group") evolved from the six countries "fifteen during the former Soviet Union aided 156 key construction projects History, to adapt to the complete set of development, package design, turnkey manufacturing and market development requirements of the service package, the earliest founded by China's largest power generation equipment, marine propulsion plant, power-driven equipment research and manufacturing base and equipment export base, 53 of the CPC Central Committee and management related to national security and national economic lifeline one of the key state enterprises.

From the first day of its birth, the HPEGC shoulder the historical mission of the bearer of national industry hopes, highlighting the elegance of Chinese power ". For decades, as the eldest son of the Republic of the equipment manufacturing industry, HEC Group abide by the mission, in an exemplary way to fulfill the political responsibility of the central enterprises, economic and social responsibility, closely rely on scientific and technological innovation to improve core competitiveness, good play the driving force and the influence of the central enterprises, out of the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation "a unique way to
success, achieve a new leap forward for China's power generation equipment manufacturing level, and the ability of independent innovation, power generation equipment The shift created by the Chinese manufacturing to China, made a significant contribution to the National Electric Power Construction.


Here, to create China's first Souchon 0.8MW hydro-generating unit and a 25MW thermal power units (boilers, turbines, generators).

Harbin Electric Corporation office building


Here, successfully developed Xin'anjiang of 72.5MW large Francis turbine generator units, creating a precedent for independent design and manufacture of power generation equipment in China.


Here, Kaplan type turbine generator, independent research and development Gezhouba 125MW and 210MW steam turbine won the national scientific and technological progress, and also won the highest honor of the power generation equipment manufacturing industry in China.


Here, the first large-scale power generation equipment in China to the world and maintain today's China export single largest capacity unit (600MW unit) record.


Here, the first ships nuclear-powered steam turbine, the success in service of the main pump motor.


Here, 600MW, 1000MW supercritical and ultra-supercritical turbine generator successful birth.


Here, independent design and manufacture the right bank of the Three Gorges 700MW unit successfully put into operation, creating a giant hydroelectric units in China independently design and manufacture of a new era.


Over 60 years, in the continuous development and growth, HEC Group formed a large coal, hydropower, nuclear power, gas power, wind power, power plants and general contracting, engineering and marine propulsion device leading products as the core multilevel simultaneously Qi head together "a good pattern. Hydropower annual production capacity of 6000MW, accounting for 50% of domestic market share; Coal and Electricity annual production capacity of 30000MW, accounting for more than 1/3 of the share of the domestic market; gas-electric annual production capacity of 2000MW, accounting for more than 45% of the domestic market share; nuclear annual production capacity of 1000MW; with mass production capacity of 10 sets of the three kinds of marine propulsion equipment; turnkey projects of power station equipment obtained ISO9001 quality system certification and American FMRC has simultaneously contracting overseas power plant projects and turnkey projects capacity.


As of 2011, HEC Group realized a total industrial output value of 241.8 billion yuan, sales income of 270.9 billion yuan, total profit of 10.7 billion yuan; generation equipment production 279470MW.


"Twelfth Five-Year" period, the HPEGC will vigorously implement the "four modernizations leading recycling new HEC's development strategy. "Four modernizations", namely: "the group, information technology, international, related diversification"; leading ":" leading technology, management, leadership, talent leadership ". To build four major business segments of the power generation equipment, drive and control equipment, Universal, and environmental protection equipment, modern manufacturing services "to ensure the realization of the goal of the sales revenue and total profit doubled doubled, recreating a new HEC.

Concentric Verb climbed while cohesion brilliance to a hundred years. In the future, the HEC Group will provide the world with power, to bring light to mankind "for the purpose of carefully crafted Chinese power generation equipment manufacturing giant aircraft carrier, under the guidance of the best world-class strategic objectives, Raising the independent innovation of Sailing, striding forward.

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