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Hosts the national industry hopes, highlighting the elegance of Chinese power


Harbin Electric Corporation as the Republic of the equipment manufacturing industry, "eldest son", from the birth of the first day, they shoulder the historical mission of carrying national industry hopes, highlighting the elegance of Chinese power, "out of a unique" introductiondigestion, absorption and re-innovation "the road to success, and to achieve a new leap forward for China's power generation equipment manufacturing level, and the ability of independent innovation, to achieve the transformation of power generation equipment in China to create China, and enhance the international reputation of Chinese power equipmentand influence.


60 years, their growing strength and determined to forge ahead in the spirit of the HPEGC in the field of power generation equipment of high-end continue forward, each historical stage in the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry to establish a milestone: the capacity of 200MW to 1000MW level jump, the end of the generator sets in China with high energy consumption, small volume trough hovering; from the high pressure, subcritical, supercritical move to leap to the ultra-supercritical parameters, to master the world's most advanced, energy-saving, environmental protection across from conventional thermal power units of the nuclear power plant, the power generation equipment design and manufacturing technology; break the monopoly of nuclear technology in the western countries, to become the world's few independent enterprise for the construction of a nuclear power master; 700MW from the 0.8MW hydropower units to the world giant the operation of the air-cooled hydropower units, HPEGC stood on the summit of the world's water.


Looking to the future, "China's best world-class" is still constant target HPEGC. Relationship as the central management in one of the 53 companies to the national security and national economy, we will continue the exemplary play a central enterprise demonstration and leading role, bearing in mind the responsibility of their own political, economic and social responsibility, adhering to "provide for the world driving force for human light "aim," concentric moving cohesion brilliance ", alongside support to concerned about HPEGC friends have minded revitalization of China's national industry heroic confidence to open the reform and opening up and independent innovation sail split wave voyage, to create the world powered aircraft carrier of the equipment manufacturing industry, to join hands and create a beautiful, vibrant and more brilliant tomorrow.

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